Neville Ronan - Principal Photographer

The Urbanned Project has been the sole domain of myself … one concept, one approach, one photographer. It was a selfish undertaking, I know. But given that the vast majority of my “work” over the years, never makes it into the public eye, it was important for me to claim a project of my own; recover my soul, so to speak.

While I have shot so many ladies in recent years, it was almost always for their purpose. So, in this project I had to identify and then establish my own purpose. When you do something like this, you end up ignoring the commercial aspect of the end product and focus on a style you are looking to achieve.

Breakdown of Client Work

Private Erotic 32%

Clubs, etc. 18%

Escorts 38%

Portfolios 12%

The shoots were all taken with a couple of Sony Alpha cameras. I have always used Sony cameras and while I am not trying to sell anybody on anything, they are excellent cameras and when I die, I hope to do so with one in my hand. While I have always used lighting within the studio or even most times in indoor locations, I setout to shoot this project using just natural light and no flash.

I wasn’t aiming for porn-level clarity of private parts of the body, and my end-product intention was always to produce a product that was ever so slightly grainy and allow the shadows to help create some character. The immediate challenge of course, was the fact that all these took place in the hour immediately after sunrise. Never the brightest moment of the day!

There was also a secondary issue of not trying to attract attention with flashes and such, and then there also needed to be the ability to pick up and get in and out of a location without encumbrances. *Footnote: Recently I have been gaining experience with a set of Lume Cube lights that are likely to see a role in the upcoming Urbanned II project. They are producing some degree of promise in some of my trial shoots.

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