Before the project started, I made several location scouting trips. I naively thought initially this could be done from a car, but in most instances, I had to travel on foot, camera in hand, looking to see what the lens might see.

This opened up several locations that I would have completely passed by, if trying to assess by car.

I also had to review the locations at similar times to when I would be shooting. This gave me a feel for what traffic might be like on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

Security cameras had to be accounted for. Not so much that they would prohibit my being able to get a shoot done at a location, but certainly they might limit angles from which I could engage the model.

Security guards were also high on my radar in location selection. Unfulfilled dreams of making it to police academy turns an inordinate amount of these people into hostile aggressives. I had two scouting incidents with these people where I was actually threatened with physical harm

But in the main, I was able to find enough locations where the shoots could be pulled off with minimal likelihood of arrest. And in some instances, I was able to re-use the location by shoot in a different perspective or even just ten feet away from a prior shoot.

For example, in the third image below, you will see where I shot Alicia lying on the red-brick road, while in the background is where I shot Wendi on the overlooking cross-walk,

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