A micro mini, no panties, and a dropped set of keys presents some real possibilities and this paved street in Ybor City proved the perfect location for this perfect storm of events. And as if this wasn’t perfect enough, let me introduce you to Kaci, mother of the aforementioned Terra!

When I was talking with Kaci after having shot Terra for the book, she said she wished she had known about the project because she would have loved to be in it too. And if JonNeville is good at anything, it’s granting wishes to sexy moms of sexy daughters. It says it, right there on my business card.

"Tell me when to stop."


I’m not sure which shoot felt dirtier, but this beat up old street with its semi-abandoned factory building was a perfect environment to work out my perversions on. And Kaci was so willing and creative that the whole shoot was wild and out there! Did I mention that right behind me was a modern office building with glass-front offices that guaranteed any early morning employees a view of this full moon?

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