So, I am sitting in a coffee shop explaining to Terra what this project was all about and how I would like to shoot her. We had never met each other before she answered my Craigslist ad and however the conversation twisted, she started to ask me about clubs that I had shot at around Tampa. I named a few and she asked if by any chance I had known a Kaci and Mark at one of the ones I mentioned. Of course I asked what they looked like and when she described them to me, I knew who they were straight away. “That’s my Mom and Dad” she said and my heart almost stopped.

As small world scenarios go, this completely fit the description. I had shot her Mom at a local club some years previously and now here I was about to shoot the daughter. It felt dirty. Very dirty. But did that stop me? Hell, no. And here I was a week later atop a parking garage in Ybor City, taking inappropriate shots of a cigar-toting young lady who like her mom, was most definitely smoking!

"That's my mom and dad."



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