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Years in the Making!

50 shoots in 50 locations with 50 brave women ... it was always going to take a while to pull this off. Limiting ourselves to certain days and times that would reduce the likelihood of being arrested was the first guiding principle of the project. Complications were added when you factor in last-minute cancellations and no shows. Not to mention weather moments, security or police presence, and the ever-present threat of homeless people hanging around the quieter spots of Tampa.
Couple all this with my own procrastination and suffice to say it was a true labor of love.

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The Locations

Tampa was a wonderful setting for the project. It is a city of character and history, serving up a selection of old and new settings for such a clandestine project.

Paved streets, alley-ways, church-steps, college-buildings, and courtyards ... all served as soft backdrops to the brave ladies that bared all in the interest of creating a risque piece of photographic art.

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The Women

This project was never intended to be a beauty pageant, rolling out fifty young models willing to show their wares. No, the intention was to find fifty women from diverse backgrounds, with diverse builds and looks across a broad age range.

The were students and teachers, daughters and mothers (even one gradmother). They were white, hispanic, black. They were dancers, models, escorts. They were nurses, retailers, lawyers, or unemployed. But whatever they were ... they were brave, beautiful, women.

Art Project

responsive screensThe mercenary in me set out to define the output of the project as a coffee-table book and while that is indeed an offering to anyone interested, it morphed more into more of an art project ... art for art's sake. If no one assigns it a commercial value, I won't lose any sleep.

Black and white imagery became my medium of choice not just because of its artistic feel but I also wasn't trying to create explicit in-your-face vagina shots. Apart from the varied locations, and the varied looks of each subject, I strove to mix slightly exposed nipples with full-on boobs, upskirt butts and vagina with wide-open crotch shots. Variation was my attempt and hopefully I delivered it.

While I try to show the end-images in this site enough to bear witness to what we finally achieved, I have water-marked and delivered them in in low-Q renditions at 800 pixel size in order to protect copyright. Any prints, books, or calendars are derived unmarked from the high-resolution, 6000 pixel originals.

Some projects produce priceless results ...

Women that initially were strangers to me but ultimately became lifelong friends

Where necessary, names and identities of the ladies ultimately selected to be a part of the Urbanned project have been altered to protect their privacy. Should any of these models wish to have their image linked to their own website or profile, please contact this studio with relevant linking information.

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